International Women’s Day (IWD) provides a valuable opportunity to inspire inclusion and promote gender equality. The campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is Inspire Inclusion.

When we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion, we forge a better world. And when women themselves are inspired to be included, there’s a sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment.

Collectively, let’s forge a more inclusive world for women.  Here are three ways to do so in 2024:

Promote Intersectionality: Recognize and celebrate the diversity among women, acknowledging that their experiences are shaped not only by gender but also by factors such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, and socioeconomic status. Host events or create content highlighting the stories and achievements of women from different backgrounds and identities. Ensure that the voices of marginalized women are heard and uplifted, fostering a more inclusive feminist movement.

Empower Through Education: Organize workshops, seminars, or online campaigns focused on educating people about gender equality and the importance of inclusion. Provide resources and tools to help individuals and organizations understand how they can contribute to creating more inclusive environments. Offer training on unconscious bias, allyship, and inclusive language to promote respectful and supportive interactions within communities, workplaces, and beyond.

Take Action for Change: Encourage concrete actions that promote inclusion and gender equality. This could involve advocating for policies that support women’s rights, such as equal pay, reproductive rights, and access to education and healthcare. Support initiatives that empower women economically, politically, and socially, such as mentorship programs, entrepreneurship opportunities, and leadership training. Encourage individuals to pledge their commitment to fostering inclusion and equality in their personal and professional lives, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

By incorporating these strategies into International Women’s Day 2024 activities, we can inspire greater inclusivity and advance the global movement for gender equality.

How do you inspire inclusion?

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