Challenge: Following increased workload  and tight deadlines the Organisation noticed increased levels of stress and disengagement in the School. The Organization recognised the need to ensure the team were fully engaged and equipped to deal with changes and manage the stressors and demands within the School. 

Approach: Martina discussed the needs of the Organization through a telephone Consultation with the Department Manager in order to  to fully understand the needs of Staff and the Organisation.  Martina designed and delivered Resilience in the Workplace Training and offered followed up Consultation and Review including psychometrics ( Brief Resilience Scale) being administered and evaluated.

Outome: Employees’ performance has increased by over 75% through applying their  personal resilience plan and being confident in identifying future stressors whilst having an action plan to overcome these potential setbacks

Secondary School, South Manchester




Challenge/Presenting Difficulty :  A Senior Manager experiencing workplace stress, burnout and overwhelm due to managing many disengaged staff that were lacking in confidence with decision making. Consequently this placed additional pressure on the Manager who experienced increased anxiety and periods of depression.

Approach: Assessment  and Case Conceptualization of the workplace stress and anxiety. Goal Setting was completed in order to formulate an Individualized treatment  plan to equip the Manager with skills and Cognitive Behavioural Strategies to combat the stress , anxiety and Low mood. A collaborative approach was utilized and CBT Strategies including progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness exercises, Reframing worrying beliefs, behavioural experiements and worry postponement.

Psychometrics were utilized to monitor treatment progress and included the Patient Health Questionnaire ( PHQ-9) and GAD-7 to assess and monitor anxiety and depression. 

Outome: Senior Managers  performance and Confidence  has increased in the workplace and they recived positive feedback from their team and Management.  The Manger is confident in being assertive in the workplace through being decisive , delegating tasks and using mindfulness when worrying in the workplace to let go of worries.  The manager is confident in using the relapse plan and their depression and anxiety has reduced from Severe to Mild Anxiety and Depression.

Senior Manager ,  Manchester