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Unlock your Resilience Today!

Empower yourself today with transformative resilience coaching for women 40 + year


Unlock a NEW level OF Confidence, Clarity and Resilience today!


It’s your time to shift from Rigidity to Resilience. . . . . . .

Indecision, self -doubt and  stagnation to strong decision making, being action orientated and self-assured.

Its your time to rise, roar and lead with a Resilient Mindset


 Resilience is the key to YOUR Success  🔑

It’s that missing piece of your leadership progression GUARANTEEED to accelerate your leadership growth


Are you a driven woman over 40 feeling overwhelmed, overworked and over committed by career challenges, stress, and a lack of direction? The journey to success shouldn't be a lonely struggle.


Endless responsibilities, deadlines and expectations can cloud your clarity, leaving you stressed, and preventing you from reaching your peak potential.


The fear of burnout and stagnation can hold you back, stifling your success and leaving you feeling unfulfilled.

            Meet Martina 👋🏾                                                                                        20 years under my belt working with Leaders like YOU shifting you from rigidity to resilience .                                                                              Award Winning Health & Wellbeing Consultant, AOC Resilience & Leadership Coach, BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, Keynote Speaker, Resilience Corporate Trainer and your Cheerleader!                                                                                                I look forward to journeying with you and empowering you to be a Resilient and Confident female leader .                                                                                                                   See it , believe it and manifest it today !                                                                                                                    Get ready to say good bye to indecision, self-doubt, sleepless nights, code-switching and Imposter syndrome and hello to career acceleration, clarity, confidence and courage.

Introducing Fortify Her

A transformative Resilient Leadership coaching program designed exclusively for women like you.


Say goodbye to confusion, stress


Say good bye to burnout ,anxiety, overwhelm and limitations


Be empowered to embrace a future filled with peak performance


Be stress-free success , inner strength, sustainable resilience


Be confident and experience consistent career triumphs


FortifyHer is meticulously designed to unlock your resilience


Accelerate your success.


Picture yourself leading with peak performance


Visualize yourself with supercharged confidence


See that enhanced productivity !

 Fortify Her guarantees to elevate your resilience quotient , emotional intelligence, decision making and  confidence  for unparalleled leadership ACCELERATION

 These are not just promises but outcomes we guarantee

You’ll explore key resilience domains, foster a growth mindset, and enhance your emotional intelligence to lead stronger and navigate challenges better

Take charge of your leadership journey today ! 


Let’s fortify you out of a state of stress, overwhelm and confusion into a state of resilient high performing leadership.


Give me 5 weeks and I’ll give you all the tools, strategies and rocket fuel you need to become a unstoppable resilient leader.

If you are ready to hit the reset button and change the path of your career ✅

If you are sick of feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed, anxious, uncertain and confusion ✅

If you are tired of living a life where you dread coming into work to pretend to be that leader ✅ 

    Fortify  HER is for you ! 


    Resilience 101

    Resilience Quotient


    Goal setting

    Coaching plan

    Coaching Agreement/Contract


    Mindset Matters

    Mindset evaluation

    Resilient Mindset hacks

    Growth Mindset hacks

    Cognitive Restructuring

    Overcome setbacks

    Behavioural experiments

    Policing your thoughts for good

    Mindful leadership styles

    Mental toughness hacks


    Problem Solving & Peak Performance

    Time management hacks

    Delegate & celebrate

    Behaviuoral Exposure

    Tolerating Uncertainty hacks


    social Connectedness & Stress management

    Connect for Success

    Networking leverage

    Signature Strengths & Activity Scheduling

    Progressive Muscle Relaxation


    Physical resilience & FORTIFY HER Action Plan

    Sustainable movement for success

    Diet & nutritional hacks

    Fortify HER Resilience Action Plan

    Our Clients

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    Improves performance by building your capacity to resolve their own issues.


    Builds your Resilience and emotional intelligence.


    Increases self-awareness and motivation


    Enhances career, and promotion prospects.




    Reduces Isolation


    Normalises experiences and challenges stigmas


    Reduced Stress, burnout, anxiety and self doubt


    What others are saying

    Vitoria Nabas , Partner, Gunnercooke

      Highly relevant and thought provoking training  and coaching on resilience . I’ve learned the importance of observing, being present and mindful- Manager – JD Group PLC

    Resilience coaching with Martina has given me the confidence to apply for an Assistant Manager role in my  Department which  I got! I’, now  more confident, decisive and can let go of my worries and self doubt. Highly recommend working with Martina.

    HA – Senior Leader in Education

    I’ve had several Coaching and CBT sessions with Martina  when I was in the process of changing jobs. I was concerned that I had lost my confidence and I didn’t want this to affect my new role. It took a few sessions to understand the actual problem, which was in fact uncertainty, not confidence and this caused me to worry and become anxious.  Martina used CBT  Coaching to allow me to work on reframing this. The sessions helped a great deal and made me a much better leader and manager and I continue to improve. I can honestly say that the Coaching sessions with Martina were life changing and my approach to work and life has changed for the good. Claire Pallett, CEng FICE – Technical Director : Arcadis

    Hearing Martina speak to us about exam stress and stress management was an absolute pleasure. Her presentation was insightful, knowledgeable and extremely useful. It was packed full of great information!   Participants were able to ask questions throughout which made the whole experience engaging. There were also interactive activities which further added to the presentation. Overall, I highly recommend Martina!

    Leanne Richards
    Operational Policy Officer, Transport for London March 


    Thank you for coming down to London and delivering the insightful session on Resilience in times of uncertainty. We loved the stress balls, it was an honour to meet you.  

    Culture and Communities Manager I American Express Global Business Travel Express

    Thank you for a wonderful session on how to build my own Leadership resilience and that of my colleagues . I’m now confident in having conversations about mental health ,wellbeing and remaining resilient in times of uncertainty and change  – Talent Manager, Oliver Wyman

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    Resilience in the Workplace Book – e copy
    Personalized FORTIFY HER Resilience Action
    Burnout, Anxiety and Stress Assessment

    Program Content

    Book £10

    Post-FORTIFY HER Coaching session £400

    Personalised FORTIFY HER Resilience action plan £300

    Stress, Burnout, Resilience and anxiety assessment £250

    FORTIFY HER Leadership Resilience workbook£100

    5 weeks Coaching £2000

    Weekly email support for the duration of the  coaching £500

    Total Value- £3,560

    Investment ( Payment Plans available )

    £1799 if booked before 29th April 2024

    £1899 if booked after 29th April 2024 

    £2000 if booked after 5th May 2024

    Leadership Coaching starts on  May 2024