Rivers to Resiliance diagram

One-Day Rivers to Resilience Workshop that will take you from a Stressed Out, Overwhelmed, and Under-Performing Manager or Team… to..

The Most Productive, Hardworking, and Sought-after Manager and Team Who Outperforms Their Peers Even With One Hand Tied Behind the Back…

Rivers to Resiliance diagram

Rivers to Resilience Signature Training ( CPD  Accredited)

Rivers to Resilience is a transformational, dynamic, and experiential CPD Accredited training course that will equip you and your teams with proven strategies to successfully navigate personal and professional setbacks and crises.

Rivers to Resilience is guaranteed to equip you with knowledge and skills to enhance your performance, productivity, success, and profits. The seven Rivers to resilience lead to neuroplasticity whilst taking a holistic approach to Resilience building. Rivers to resilience will allow you to reflect and build upon your current resources with a strengths-based Cognitive Behavioral Model ( Padesky 2012).


  • To develop emotional resilience through the seven rivers to resilience which facilitate effective emotional self-regulation and emotional intelligence strategies which improves stress management.
  • To competently identify emotions in yourself and others whilst being confident with emotion disclosure and cognitive reappraisal.
  • To leverage your physical health ( sleep. diet and physical exercise) to boost emotional resilience.
  • To understand the importance of disengaging with procrastination and avoidance in order to boost your emotional resilience.
  • To understand the importance of social connectedness including Spirituality in building emotional resilience
  • To begin developing a growth mindset to build emotional resilience and view setbacks as opportunities for learning.

Teams and Organizations will acquire evidence-based psychological strategies which lead to neuroplasticity and the development of effective coping strategies when under pressure whilst remaining emotionally and physically healthy.

Cost – including CPD Certificate. Please send an email to   info@raphatherapyservices.com to request specific prices and a copy of our training brochure.

Course Testimonial: I’m more confident in coping with stress and will begin to use Mindfulness and other skills to cope. I‘m confident this will help me to keep going when things are tough working in a school. ( Delegate from Parrs wood school, Didsbury).

The method and techniques I’ll teach you in the workshop will root out the stress, anxiety, and distress from your life…

While enabling you to navigate through tough situations and handle high-pressure without any hassle.

Combat the hidden *DEMONS* with a Protective Shield to 10x your Productivity

Most Managers & Professionals in their lives struggle to perform to the best of their abilities…
They stutter on big occasions and their legs shake when it’s time for them to set the tone…
But on the outside, everything seems normal…
It is only when you look at them from the inside, you will find them fighting against the demons…
These demons have a knack for getting the better of most of us.
What are these 3 Demons?

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression!

These demons cause serious unrest in their lives…
And it’s because of these demons’ that they have to go through turmoil both mentally and physically…
This not only causes issues in their personal lives, but they also suffer a lot in producing desired outcomes in professional and business settings.
As a result, companies/organizations are facing a HUGE productivity SLUMP…
Even their trusted individuals are not making sound decisions, more employees are taking unannounced leave, the overall profit graph is on the decline… and more…
Does that sound familiar?
Are you or employees in your company facing issues like stress, anxiety, and depression – which reduces productivity?

Well, this is exactly the problem I solve in my one day stress resilience workshop…

By shelling out scientifically proven and evidence-based *resilience* developing techniques to outsmart these demons.

So that you and other Managers can navigate through every situation that you face – regardless of the magnitude of that situation.

And this workshop will help you to ….

  • Cultivate a positive, optimistic, and resilient mindset by following a simple but effective plan
  • Develop emotional resilience that helps to build emotional intelligence so you don’t suffer because of emotional jeopardy – which is vital to successfully manage demons with success
  • Perceive others’ emotional state so you can reframe your words and actions to make them more palatable to others
  • Develop Strategies & tips to leverage your physical health in order to boost your emotional resilience and others
  • Have no difficulty in coping with workplace pressure whilst allowing you to easily handle high pressure and tension laden moments
  • Improve relationships with your colleagues, managers, partner , friends and family.
  • Have more fun and emotional self-awareness for success in life
  • Identify obstacles to stress resilience and motivation in the workplace

These resilience techniques and processes have been producing remarkable results against these three ‘demons’  over the years…


The Resilience training was fantastic and fun, I’ve learned how to better control my emotions and deal with difficult workplace situations. I have noticed a big Improvement in productivity and my concentration.

I attended a really useful resilience Training Session and I can now take a step back and think about the emotions I’m feeling when stressed and not let them get the better of me. I realize its important for me to take time for myself in and out of work in order to be productive and successful.

This course is a gamechanger as I now realise that I can build resilience as its a skill and I must be intentional about growing in this. I loved the experiential and reflective nature of the course as its really gave me confidence that I could deal with the workplace challenges and tight deadlines that I was facing.
Staff from Parrswood High School

But before I talk more about what's inside the workshop…let me introduce myself…

Who’s conducting the one day workshop and why should anyone listen to any claims…
Hi this is Martina

Hi this is Martina

I’m a BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, who is also an Accredited resilience Doughnut Facilitator, an author, Podcast Host of Rivers to Resilience and a CPD Certification member delivering CPD Accredited Training Courses.

Since I’m regarded as a thought leader, over the years, I’ve been featured on BBC Radio Manchester, Huff Post, Metro, Financial Times, Thrive Global…

I have been very vocal in the wellbeing and mental health field for over 20 years.

My life is nothing short of a roller coaster…

From facing a divorce to overcoming broken relationships and bearing the loss of a loved one…

Just like you…

I’ve been through a lot of troubled times…

But even after all those traumatic situations, I maintained my wit and navigated through the traumas and setbacks  … I remained steadfast and kept moving forward and ahead.

No… It isn’t like adversity doesn’t affect me… of course it does

It affects me as I’m  human – after all…

But because I know how to overcome these situations, it doesn’t take me long to get out of and bounce back…

Let me share with you an instance that almost broke me …

I was raised by a single parent – My beloved mother…

In 2003, during the final year of my Psychology degree, I was hit by a storm.

My beautiful mother died and left me and 3 siblings with a deep void in our lives and extreme emotional trauma.

It was like our world had toppled over in front of us…

In the moment of great sorrow, my siblings nearly lost their sense of self

To the point that one was suicidal…

However, I was different…

I was full of grief, yet I kept myself sane….

And quickly worked through the trauma in order to take back control of my life…

Not because I was sturdy, strong, and unbroken, but it was possible as I was already into learning and applying  stress management and  resilience building techniques and tools.

My degree in Psychology further helped me develop resilient thinking and emotion management.

And because of the continuous practice of those methods, tools, and scientifically proven strategies over the years,

… I’ve helped lots of Managers, professionals and Individuals successfully navigate through stress, anxiety, and depression by developing resilience and a strong can-do attitude.

And I’m in no doubt that I will help you get out of trauma; manage stress, anxiety, and depression

…Using the tools & methods that when combined together, work like a charm.

My Signature Resilience-Building Method is the step-by-step process, based on scientific knowledge along with case examples of resilience in action…

So, you can easily navigate through traumatic and adverse situations whilst building emotional resilience.

So, after going through the Rivers to Resilience One Day Workshop…

  • You’ll have less stress and more happiness – regardless of your job responsibility
  • You’ll witness an exponential increase in productivity
  • You’ll be more aware of yourself, strengths, limitations, your mindset, and  abilities
  • You’ll have enhanced emotional resilience and intelligence – necessary to manage overwhelming emotional experiences ( stress, anxiety, Depression)
  • You’ll be successfully poised to face the music
  • You’ll have improved interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships
  • You’ll be more confident in achieving desired results.
  • You’ll be able to anticipate potentially  difficult  situations with an action plan

Now, without further ado, let’s get into it …

Here’s what’s included in  Rivers to Resilience…

In this Resilience training, I integrate the best principles, strategies, and approaches to develop resilience in your personal and professional life.

Also, you will learn how to measure resilience through various psychometrics…

And what factors influence them in the workplace such as personality, access to role models, social support, Management Support, Employee engagement, and the culture of an organization…

Understanding this will make it easy for you to navigate through workplace stress and produce the best work… no matter what.

Each Module Is A River…

And There Are 7 Rivers that Can Help You build Resilience…Here’s what’s inside each module

Module 1 - Emotional Awareness and Regulation -

Self-awareness via journaling, emotion disclosure, affect labeling building emotonal intelligence and resilience.

Cognitive Reappraisal strategies for sustainable change..

Module 2 – Cognitive Training -

Cognitive Reappraisal strategies for sustainable change.

Mindfulness, Cognitive Restructuring, Reappraisal approaches, Behavioral Experiments , Acceptance and compassionate tools to build a resilient mindset.

Module 3 – Stress Management-

Tools to equip you in anticipating pitfalls that may occur during stressful events whilst creating a workable and practical plan to overcome these.
Cognitive-behavioral strategies including Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Breathing Exercises, Stress inoculation approaches. Behavioral Exposure in order to combat procrastination.
Imagery Rescripting ,visualization, modeling, role-playing of feared or stressful situations to enhance learning.

Module 4 – Physical Health, Fitness & Exercise -

Sleep hygiene, Healthy Eating ,Balanced Diet,  daily value -driven exercise including in the workplace.

Module 5 – Social Connectedness & Spirituality -

Close relationships are important and a space to express gratitude, Increase feelings of belonging, companionship, self-esteem, and self-efficacy.

Prioritization of healthy social connections and pursuing spiritual practices aligned with your values.

Module 6 - Growth Mindset and Positive Expectation -

Positioning for a growth and success mindset through utilizations of unique tools for long term change.

Mindset shift through the focusing on setbacks as opportunities for growth as opposed to failures

Module 7 – Self-Affirmations

Self-Affirmations buffer against negativity and help with the perception of unhelpful messages.

Self -affirmations are created to Facilitate you in creating pertinent workplace affirmations to boost confidence, morale, motivation, and resilience alongside being encouraged to engage with Imagery &  visualization daily.

Oh… The Best Is Yet to Come!


Once you sign up for the workshop, you’ll get :

Complimentary Book – Resilience in the Workplace: From Surviving to thriving in the workplace, business and as an entrepreneur (E-book version)

Signature Rivers to Resilience Workbook…

Personal Resilience Plan

CPD Certificate

3 month Group Coaching/Follow-up (1 hour) – Individual Coaching available on request ( additional fee)

Also, instant access to a private group to gain support in consolidating skills, knowledge, and experience…

…and to share implementation updates and transformation post-training.



(Click link above to pay or email info@raphatherapyservices.com to discuss your Individual or Organizational requirements.