I’m a Health and Wellbeing Consultant, BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Author, Blogger and Podcast Host ( Rivers to Resilience) , Performance, Wellbeing and Executive Coach.

As a Thought leader, over the years, I’ve been featured on BBC Radio Manchester, Huff Post, Metro, Financial Times and Thrive Global. I have been very vocal in the wellbeing and mental health field for over 20 years.

My life is nothing short of a roller coaster , From facing a divorce to overcoming broken relationships and bearing the loss of a Mum whilst an undergraduate

Just like you…

I’ve been through a lot of tough times…

But even after all those traumas and losses, I managed to maintain my wit and sanity whilst navigating through the traumas and setbacks … I remained steadfast and kept moving forward

It’s not that adversity didn’t affect me… of course it did and does

It affects me as I’m human – after all…

But because I know how to overcome these situations, it doesn’t take me long to get bounce back and learn during the process

I was raised by a single parent – My mother Dorette

In 2003, during the final year of my Psychology degree, I was hit by a big storm.

My beautiful mother died and left me and 3 siblings with a deep void in our lives and extreme emotional trauma.

It was like our world had toppled over in front of us…

In the moment of great sorrow, my siblings nearly lost their sense of self to the point that one was suicidal…

Some how I was different…

I was full of grief, yet I kept myself sane….

And quickly worked through the trauma in order to take back control of my life…

Not because I was sturdy, strong, and unbroken, but it was possible as I was already into learning and applying stress management and resilience building techniques and tools.

My degree in Psychology further helped me to develop resilient thinking and emotion management.

And because of the continuous practice of those methods, tools, and scientifically proven strategies over the years,

… I’ve helped lots of Executives ,Managers and professionals to successfully navigate through stress, anxiety, and depression by developing resilience and a strong can-do attitude.

And I’m in no doubt that I will help you to overcome trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression

…Using our signature proven methods and framework that work like a charm.

Martina delivering a session on  Emotional Resilience at Lloyds Bank, Manchester.

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