Rough and Rocky Road to Resilience

Our director Martina  is currently in the process of curating several workbooks on Resilience as this aptitude is necessary to succeed in all aspects of life from childhood to Adulthood and is a predictor of success, We look forward to equipping you with insights and skills that will allow you to thrive and not survive in life.

We have included the preface below to give you a feel for :Resilience in the Workplace which will be available at the end on June 2019


I have always known that I was an emotionally strong girl, teenager and now woman but I never really knew why and what factors contributed to this. I was raised in a single parent household with three siblings by my beautiful late Mother who unfortunately died during my final year in university during 2003. The circumstances were horrifying and traumatic however I somehow managed to successfully navigate through this major loss and completed my degree in Psychology against the odds graduating with a 2:1 classification.

I share this as I recognize that others may have given up, dropped out of university, been depressed or even suicidal as one of my siblings were. In the midst of the storm I remained  optimistic about my future and developed resilient thinking. I believe my Christian faith, optimism, strong social support, self -efficacy and network allowed me stay afloat in the storm. This adverse experience along with many others in life such as disappointments and broken relationships drives my desire to share scientific knowledge and case examples of resilience in action to position you for a successful life and career . Success is subjective and may look different for Individuals as I believe that it’s fuelled by your personal values


Martina Witter

Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Corporate Wellbeing Trainer