Brexit Anxiety has been evoked through the ongoing saga of Brexit and uncertainty surrounding this. The UK were due to leave the EU at the end on March 2019 and now its been postponed until October 2019. There is a possibility of another referendum if Labour and Conservative cannot agree on the conditions for leaving the EU.

A survey of more than 2,000 people carried out in March 2019 by Britain Thinks suggested that 64% of people feel anxiety relating to Brexit and it is negatively affecting Britons’ mental health. Women (70%) are more likely than men (58%) to be concerned about the effect of Brexit on mental health83% of people are “fed up” of seeing Brexit on the news 84% of people are unimpressed with both Labour and the Conservatives’ handling of Brexit

Anxiety is a feeling of worry and fear about the future and includes underestimating your ability to cope with the perceived danger particularly with regard to uncertainty.

We know that many UK citizens are upset, fearful, angry and shocked by the decision to leave the EU due to the uncertainty .

Financial, food and workplace insecurity have arisen due to Brexit and for many this has caused very real anxiety symptoms.

Why not try the following to allay some of your concerns:

1.Limit how much time you spend consuming media regarding Brexit as engrossing yourself in this excessively will elevate your anxiety.

2.Notice and observe your worries in a non judgemental way and allow them to come and go and be present

3. Identify potential opportunities that may arise following Brexit as this can facilitate you in having a balanced perspective on Brexit

4.Problem solving is an alternative to worry which can assist you limiting the worry and considering hoy you will address life beyond Brexit when it eventually occurs

5.Speak about your concerns with others and process the emotional distress that associated with your concerns

6.Postpone your worries to 30 minutes per day to ensure its not all consuming

Try these strategies and we’d love to hear how they have effected your Brexit Anxiety. Feel free to get in touch. You may also be interested in the governments advice notices.


Martina Witter

Accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

Resilience & Health and Wellbeing Consultant