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  • Are you overwhelmed, having sleepless nights and not where you want to be because of stress?
  • Are the demands of leading your team and organization sapping your energy and happiness?
  • Thinking of leaving your Job as you can’t put a lid on your stress?

Learn our proven scientific Four step system to crush your workplace and personal stress forever. Its time to patch up th eholes in your stress bucket as its been leaking for

Learn our proven scientific Four step system

● Worried about opening your emails as you dont have enough time to respond and action each one

●Can’t switch off as overthinking about what you need as a Manager and hotting this targets

● Forgetting what to do and how to manage staff

● Avoiding difficult conversations

● Dreaming of a good nights sleep or going away on holiday and not worrying about your employees and everything falling to pot

● Dreaming of having a relaxing weekend without thinking about work or checking emails /slack /phone

● Struggling to remember a time you felt happy and excited about going into work?


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Hearing Martina speak to us about stress management was an absolute pleasure. Her presentation was insightful, knowledgeable and extremely useful. Despite only having a limited amount of time to present it was packed full of great information! The audience of the presentation were graduates and apprentices and she ensured to mention exam related stress which was really helpful and relevant. Participants were able to ask questions throughout which made the whole experience engaging. There were also interactive activities which further added to the presentation. Overall, I highly recommend Martina!

Leanne Richards :Transport for london
March 2022

Stress Busters For Succes

5 week challenge

Tuesday 1st November

Get ready to start the year strong by setting clear 2023 goals, defining your big money making offer and building up your pipeline ready to hit the ground running in 2023!


This challenge will help you…

  • Gain clarity on exactly what you will selling to accelerate into 2023.
  • Build a solid pipeline of clients who will be ready to work with you in Q1.
  • Realign with a business strategy that feels totally possible and within reach to go ALL IN on so you feel results now ready for a strong start to next year.
  • Create a Marketing & Sales plan that works to get results fast!


Stress Busters For Succes Group Coaching

For high-level professionals & entrepreneurs ready to MAXIMISE their influence, DOMINATE their industry and MULTIPLY their income to extraordinary new heights! This private masterclass reveals how I generated a massive audience and heightened my value to be sought-after, recognized coach in the UK. Join me on Saturday 5th November at 8pm BST. Click below to join me.


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  • Huff Post
  • BBC Radio Manchester
  • The voice
  • Thrive Global

I remember working with a senior MANAGER who was new in her role and felt
overwhelmed, full of self doubt, imposter syndrome, worry and was struggling to keep
her head above the waters. Some days she wanted to stay in bed and throw in the towel
as the endless tasks and responsibilities continued to grow as she struggled with
managing her time , staying focused and would be leaving work to only spend a few
more hours working when at home which created so much tensions in her family.
She was physically present at home but not mentally.
sHE’D TRIED everything including going for walks, a bit of yoga, speaking to her
manager and partner but nothing changed.
I wan’t to share with you our secret sauce to Success …..
Its our proven transformational tried and tested system for Senior Leaders and

Senior Leaders & Managers
Rapha Helath
Our game plan is guaranteed to reduced stress from day one with our actionable steps
that ensure you Gain Control over your work life and Supercharges your productivity
and influence
Its your time to achieve peak Performance and to soar as the Leader and trailblazer that
you are
The best is yet to come!
Rapha Helath

Here’s what you can look forward to over the 5 weeks


LOCATE YOURSELF – Its time to get Clear Discover the biggest mistake people make that leaves them feeling overwhelmed and stressed as a manager and how to avoid it Learn the worst way to start your day and what to do instead Discover the top morning routines successful people use to ensure a magnificent day Switch on your internal motivation and positive attitude Be equipped to restore calm and be confident and centred within seconds


The BODY & BURNOUT Discover the most common somatic changes and how to avoid and manage them when stressed Learn the fundamentals of staying calm and maging your physiological changes- headaches, overbreathing, tension. palpitations Learn a new way to control your body Be able to stay poised under pressure and stress Discover how detrimental poor sleep is and how restorative sleep enhances every system in your body and brain Uncover the common mistakes to avoid and the keys to improving sleep quality and duration Improve cognitive performance and decision-making ability by establishing daily routines that will augment your sleep Overcome restless nights and interrupted sleep so you can boost your vitality Discover how it feels to wake up refreshed and energised ready to perform at your peak


GET MOVING Discover how inertia effects stress Benefits of walking , exercise , dance, Overcome restless nights and interrupted sleep so you can boost your vitality Discover how it feels to wake up refreshed and energised ready to perform at your peak


Mindset hacks and Mindfulness Discover the transformational way to approach each day Learn how to let go of worry and create space for more joy and appreciation of the every-day moments of life Understand the best places to focus your time and effort to live life the way you really want Uncover practical techniques that top-performers use to create more freedom and flexibility, and gain hours back every week with my Rivers to Resilience top tips.


Your personalized Blueprint for Managing Stress- Stress Busters Action Plan Create your own personalized action plan to ditch stress, manage stress and regain success in your workplace and relationships.Credentials and Case study /results achieved . name dropping Press mentions Awards /recognitions .

Benefits of the group coaching

Improves performance by building your capacity to resolve their own issues.
Builds your emotional intelligence
Increases self-awareness and motivated.
Increases confidence and belief in self
Enhances career, and promotion prospects.
Vicarious learning
Reduces Isolation
Normalises experiences and challenges stigmas

Stack the value

●  Book £10

● One to one coaching session £150

● Personalised stress busters action plan 100

● Stress assessment £100

● Stress Busters fro success workbook -£25

● 5 weeks Group Coaching £1,000

● Weekly email support for the duration of the group             coaching£500

Total Value- £1,885


● £499 if booked before 25th October 

● £750 if booked after 25th but before 31st october

● £999 if book after 31st october


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