Rivers to Resilience Workshop Course 30th November 2022

One-Day Rivers to Resilience Workshop that will take you from a Stressed Out, Overwhelmed, and Under-Performing Manager or Team… to.. The Most Productive, Hardworking, and Sought-after Manager and Team Who Outperforms Their Peers Even With One Hand Tied Behind the Back…

Once you sign up for the workshop, you’ll get :

  • Complimentary Book – Resilience in the Workplace: From Surviving to thriving in the workplace, business and as an entrepreneur (E-book version)
  • Signature Rivers to Resilience Workbook…
  • CPD Certificate
  • 3 month Group Coaching/Follow-up (1 hour) – Individual Coaching available on request ( additional fee)
  • Instant access to a private group to gain support in consolidating skills, knowledge, and experience…

In this Resilience training, I integrate the best principles, strategies, and approaches to develop resilience in your personal and professional life, you will learn how to measure resilience through various psychometrics and what factors influence them in the workplace such as personality, access to role models, social support, Management Support, Employee engagement, and the culture of an organization…

Understanding this will make it easy for you to navigate through workplace stress and produce the best work… no matter what.

Training will be delivered at Towers Business Park, Adamson House, Didsbury. M20 2YYParking is available on side street.

The day with start at 9.30 and end at 5.00pm with breaks throughout the day and lunch between 1.00 and end at 1.30pm

Lunch is provided, please inform us of  special dietary requirements

If you would like to enquire about training being delivered in your organization please drop us an email at info@raphatherapyservices.com.