Therapy can be likened to  driving a car and its important that you are in the driving seat through being open , transparent and setting therapy goals. It is critical to maintain your movement when driving in order to arrive at your destination and during the journey you have to follow the roads signs, keep your foot on the accelerator, use the brakes when needed and be aware of pedestrians and obstructions.

I know that there are things you’re probably doing and experiencing which are affecting the quality of your journey and life. It may be the passengers, car model or engine size which could represent your mindset , thought life (catastrophizing, negative bias and selective attention), actions (procrastination ) and  physiological experiences (tight chest, hyperventilating) .We can all learn to apply the brakes, and change some aspect of our journey as we are in control. It is important to stop comparing yourself to others as you are in control of your future .

Now is the time to take off your handbrakes and to accelerate. Therapy is a vehicle of acceleration , growth, self discovery and adopting novel actions to enhance your driving experience.

Are you ready to upgrade your driving experience?

What do you need to do in order to upgrade your psychological experiences?

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Martina Witter

Accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist I Health and Wellbeing Consultant I Resilience Trainer IAuthor

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