If you’re tuned out of your emotions you’ll be poor at reading them in others(Daniel Goleman)

I remember during stressful times being so consumed with my own feelings and not really thinking about others

I can be honest as there is no shame in this and I’m able to acknowledge this

How about you? Has a lack of emotional self awareness created problems in relationships in the workplace, personal life or even affected your ability to manage and lead your team

If you struggle with this here’s some tips to increase emotional.awareness which will help with self regulation and the productivity of your team

1. Name the emotion you’re feeling and strength of it (0-100)
2. How do you know you’re feeling ________ what changes have you noticed in your body , actions and mindset / thoughts
3. Make room for the emotion and don’t resist it
4. What triggered the emotion or feeling
5. How have you managed this in the past

Remember that emotions don’t last forever and will pass.

How do you manage strong feelings &are you able to do this in the workplace?


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Martina Witter
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