‘Believe you can and you’re half way there’ Theodore Roosevelt


Choose to see opportunities, success and possibilities this week and I guarantee that this mindset will create new realities as our mindset drives our actions I see this daily in my life and my clients and customers Our mindset drives motivation and can enhance or limit results in our lives. This has parallels with my clients as those who question the capacity of therapy and training gain much less from these experiences.

Visualize success, achieving your goals and winning as your brain is unable to detect if what we see is false. Visualization is a powerful tool and motivates you to action which we all need. Its a form of exposure therapy and reduces activity in the amygdala, therefore reduces anxiety and motivation action and attention to achieving your goals.

Visualization helped me to publish my first book

what are your thoughts on mindset?

Is a limiting mindset affecting you?

Why not use this approach to achieve your weekly goals?

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Martina Witter
Director I Accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist I Corporate Wellbeing Trainer I Health and Wellbeing Consultant