Christmas is three weeks away and it can be a very stressful time if you get caught up with all the noise , fuss and antics. Its important to  remember that  Christmas isn’t about what’s under the tree but who’s around it and a time to remember the nativity and birth of Jesus. It is important to take control by choosing to have a stress free Christmas which is possible .

My top ten tips for a stress free Christmas would be :

1. Shop online where possible as you will save time being stuck in queues and who doesn’t want their gifts delivered direct to your home , workplace or local post office.

2. Set a budget and stick to it regardless of the cost and démands that children may place upon you. Don’t compare your budget to your friends of family members its important to live within your means and stay within your lane

3. Don’t get into debt as it’s not worth it for one day as you will be paying it off for a lifetime

4. Let go of worries , meditate and be present when feeling overwhelmed. Identify the emotion and be non judgemental of your thoughts whilst using your breathing to ground you in the present moment.

5. Re-purpose and use decorations as this will save money – only decorate inside the house.

6. Delegate tasks for’Christmas day as you don’t need to be stuck in the kitchen alone. Create a whatsapp group and delegate dishes or ask family members and friends what they would like to contribute.

7. Ask guests and family members to bring a dish

8. Be kind and show gratitude as this will Increase your well being. Christmas is a time for sharing and caring therefore share the love with those that you value.

9. Ask yourself do you really need this ?

10. Make Christmas presents or re-purpose unwanted gifts from last year as this will save you money and time. Making Christmas presents can be fun and its an opportunity to be creative. Why not have a christmas gift making party or celebration.